Important Note

Papua New Guinea (PNG) does not have luxurious resort hotel or 5-star restaurants. There is No McDonald, No Star backs. No Inter-city train nor “Autobahn” to connect city to city. Road network does not cover the whole nation and in most of the case, you have to travel by Air. Flights are often delayed and sometimes cancelled. Most parts of the country still do not have electricity, and even in major towns, power black out happen regularly. Due to colonial type economy – export row materials with cheaper prices and has to import value-added products with higher prices- goods are very expensive compared to GDP per person.

If you are looking at relaxing at 5-star Hotel, white sandy beach with wine and luxurious meals, or looking at cheap backpacker trip, PNG is Not a place to be. Please book somewhere else.

On the other hand, PNG is a destination with full of REAL stuff which other countries have lost long time ago.

If you are looking for place with thousand of natural smiles (not a commercial smile or begging smiles), pristine rainforests/coral reefs and their inhabitants (not in a zoological garden or aquarium), vivid living culture (not in a culture center or museum), you will never be disappointed in PNG.

PNG Explorers International as a leading tour operator in PNG make sure that your trip is safe and without major trouble. At the same time, we hope you will touch/feel the Real attractions of PNG.

For those who are looking for a Real Experience, please book with us, visit PNG and enjoy your Holiday Like No Other.

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