Festival Information

National Mask Festival & Mt Hagen Birding – Rabaul/Kokopo

National Mask Festival is one of the Major Trival Festivals in Papua New Guinea and attracts many visitors from all over the world. Rabaul is centre of New Guinea Island Region where lots of unique Mask Culture exist.

One of the most unique features is Tubuan Masks of Tolai tribe, and Baining Fire Dance, both of them are only viewed in here due to customary ristrictions of performing the dance outside of their land.

2015 Schedule: 11 - 18 Jul, 2015

National Mask Festival – Rabaul

Showcase the Mask Culture of Papua New Guinea, mainly from Islands region – New Britain, New Ireland, Bougainville.

Highlights of the show include the Kinavai ceremony of Tubuan secret society by Tolai Tribe, and exiting Fire dance performance by Baining Tribe.

2015 Schedule: 15 - 17 Jul, 2015

National Enga Show – Wabag town, Enga

Although it is not as famous as Mt Hagen Show or Goroka show,

Enga Show is one of the most Authentic tribal festivals in Papua New Guinea. If you want to see and experience Tribal show, this is a to visit

2015 Schedule: 08 - 09 Aug, 2015

National Mt Hagen Show – Mt Hagen

Many tribes from Highlands and as far as Morobe, Madang, Sepik gather to contest how their tradition is superior than others.

The show was bi-annually held (with Goroka Show) but became annual event and attracts many tourists from the world

2015 Schedule: 15 - 16 Aug, 2015

National Goroka Show – Goroka

Started in 1956 by Kiaps (district administrators) in Eastern Highlands as an agriculture show, it became one of the fascinating cultural festivals in the country. Almost 100 indigenous groups tirelessly dance and compete each other to show the world how fantastic their own culture is.

2015 Schedule: 12 - 13 Sep, 2015

National Hiri Moale Festival – Central/Port Moresby

The festival is to celebrate the Hiri trade tradition of Motu tribe in Central Province and held over the independence weekend (around 16th SEP).

The highlight includes Lagtoi (trade boat) approaching the shore and girls dance to welcome the return of the boat.

2015 Schedule: 03 - 05 Sep, 2015

National Morobe Show – Lae

Morobe Show started in 1959, and is the oldest organized festival in Papua New Guinea.

It involves agricultural & commercial display, tribal sing sing performances. Some of the rare tribal dancers in Morobe & Madang provinces can be seen.

2015 Schedule: 24 - 25 Oct, 2015